Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Silhouette Cameo Adventures With The Kiddies

With the break, we did have to do some crafting and of course, my Cameo had to play with us.  :-)  Yes, t-shirts are a must, since I have a hard time finding shirts with birds of prey.  The boys did the positioning and sizing as well as the painting despite what my directions say below.    

For the perched falcon shirt below, I used Silhouette Heat Transfer material.  All I had to do was get my image and set in Silhouette Studio to cut Smooth Heat Transfer Material.  Make sure your image is mirror image of what you want it to look like.  This applies to anything with letters too.  I normally draw a rectangle around the image to make it easier to get the material off but I forgot in this case and it was tough to see the image once it was cut.  So I highly recommend drawing a box around your image.  I change my blade to 2 on my machine to what they suggested for Smooth Heat Transfer Material and move the rollers to the middle so that it can grab the 9" material.  Then I load the material by using "Load Media" and place the glossy side down when I feed the material into the Cameo.  Once cut, I weed out the material that I did not want on the shirt.  I stick the image to the shirt and iron it on with a piece of fabric on top.  Gently peel the clear plastic sheet off and if your image peels up, hit it with the iron again.  It's really as easy as it gets! 
For the falcon landing shirt below, I used Silhouette stencil vinyl and black fabric paint.  Once I got my image sized, I drew a rectangle around it to make it easy to remove and transfer.  I used the vinyl setting in Silhouette Studio and made sure my blade is turned to 2 on the machine based on the blade setting suggestions for vinyl.  I made sure to select "Load Media" on the machine and the roller is in the middle since the stencil vinyl is 9" before feeding the stencil vinyl with the paper side down and shiny side up.  Since I am creating a stencil to paint on, I weed out the part of the image where I to paint on.  After that, I placed the transfer tape on top of the image and rub it to get rid of air bubbles.  I removed the paper and placed the stencil onto the shirt.  I rubbed the stencil down to get rid of air bubbles and to make sure the stencil is adhered to the shirt.  Then I removed the transfer tape carefully, making sure the stencil vinyl is still attached to the shirt.  My son dabbed on the black paint inside the stencil.  One of my tips is to have all the paint on at once since touching it up after the paint dries up will show up as blotches.  You can't see it in the picture but I can see it at a different angle.  After it dried, I ironed the image with a fabric over it to heat set it.  

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