Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Magical Pop-Up Box Birthday Card

I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and now, my boys are too.  I couldn't wait until they were old enough to read the books to them, and even then, it was only up to the fourth book for the longest time.  I noticed the different feelings I had the second time I read them.  The first time when I read the series, I was filled with wonder over the magic, and the places and people in the story.  And of course, goodness will prevail over evil and injustice, was in the back of my mind the whole time.  Well, I read them again after I had my boys, and I found myself crying for Harry, especially for his home life situation and his losses.  I found myself thinking of my boys and would get all teary-eyed.  Not the thing you normally hear about when you think of Harry Potter.  Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy the magic, the adventure and everything else.  Funny, how certain books strikes a different chord with you at different stages in your life.  Well, we expanded our interest of magic into Greek mythology and Percy Jackson.  We are in the thick of it and loving it.  I love reading these books with my boys and travelling to these wonderful places with our imaginations.  So much fun!  With my new fascination with pop-up cards, which I think is great for kids, I had to add some mythical creatures.  Yes, another Lawn Fawn set, Critters Ever After.  Perfect for this!  Of course, my son's birthday card would not be complete if it did not contain an owl.  I just had him peeking out as a joke, since my boys are constantly taking their stuffed animal owls and saying, "peek" while peeking them out of something.  So cute!
You are going to see a lot of numbers but don't be scared.  :-)  It is just different measurements to create the same pop-up card I made with Valentine decorations but only smaller to fit an A2 envelope.  First, score a 7 1/2"x9" cardstock at 2 1/8", 4 1/4", 6 3/8" and 8 1/2" on the 9" side of the cardstock.  Then cut off 2" of the scored cardstock to get a final size of 5 1/2"x 9".  Take the 5 1/2"x 9" scored cardstock and scored on the 5 1/2" side at 2 3/8".  Then cut each scored line that makes the smaller boxes up to the 2 3/8" scored line to make the short flaps.  For the 1/2" rectangle, it can be removed and cut at a slight angle on the bottom longer rectangle where it meets the 2 3/8" score line.  Your finished cuts should look like the template below where the solid lines(on the top) are the cut lines and the dashed lines are score lines.

I cut a strip of pattern paper and a strip of white cardstock  with the measurements of 1 7/8"x 5 1/4".  Then I used the same pattern paper to create 6 rectangles with the measurements of 2 1/8"x1 7/8" to place on the top flaps of both inside and outside the box.  Then I choose another pattern paper to create 1 7/8" x 2 7/8" rectangles that I will be placing on the bottom of the outside of the box.
The image above shows the inside of the box with the pattern paper and the two slot strips.

The image above shows the outside of the box decorated and the white cardstock for writing a message.

Take the 2" strip cut previously from the cardbase and starting from the 1/2" rectangle scored side, cut at 3 1/8".  Take this small strip and cut at 1" on the short side of the strip.  You should end up with two 1" identical scored strips.  They will be strips you place inside the box for the slots.  Place adhesive on the 1/2" tab to form the box and then on the tabs of small strips to place just under the score line of the flap.  After the strips are placed inside the box, it should look like the box has been broken up into thirds in the inside.  
Now the real fun begins.  I stamped the images from the Lawn Fawn Critters Ever After stamp set and colored them in with markers.  I had a leftover die that I cut from my Silhouette Cameo and stamped my sentiment in Brilliance black ink.  I follow along the label with a green marker and then make dashed lines with a black marker to highlight the label before I glue the wand down.  I used foam adhesive to place the label on the back flap.  Then I glue the rest of the stamped images down on the slots.
I stamped the sentiment in blue cardstock in Brilliance black ink before cutting a ribbon tail and distressing the edges with Distress Tumbled Glass ink and gluing a wand to it.  I adhered the dragon and banner on the outside of the box with foam adhesive.  This is what the person sees when it is flat out of the envelope.  I finished the card with glitter on the unicorn, wings and wands by using my Wink of Stella pen. 

When the card is flat with the top flap down, this is how it is all lined up.

This card is entered in the Lawnscaping Let's Party Challenge.

UPDATE: I receive the Queen of Green for this card.  With all those great cards in the challenge, I was surprised and honored to be picked.  Thank you so much, especially for all the great comments.  :-)

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  1. Wow! That Is incredible! It looks like you put a lot of work into it. Adorable.

  2. This is just INCREDIBLE! WOW! My jaw dropped when I saw it. Amazing work! Thanks for playing along with Lawnscaping Challenges!

  3. how amazing is this!? i love it, thank you for the steps to put one together. i cant wait to try one!

  4. WOW!!! This is AMAZING!!!! Thanks so much for playing with us at Lawnscaping and for sharing this fantastic Project with us! Hugs, Karin

  5. I'm blown away, this card is fabulous. It must've been so much work, but it was well worth it because the results are terrific.

  6. THUD! I have no words for this. None, seriously, it's awesome. And I am a HUGE HP fan myself!

    1. LOL! Your comment made my day. Thanks!

  7. This is so much fun! And thank you so much for including the instructions. I can't wait to try it out. Thanks so much for playing with us at Lawnscaping!


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