Sunday, January 12, 2014

Hoo's Making T-Shirts?! X2

Remember how I am loving the idea of creating unique tee-shirts for my boys.  Well, along with their homemade t-shirt, I also gave them a blank shirt with a note saying that it is for them to design.  Below is the shirt that one of them created.  OMG!  I love it!  If I do say myself.  :-)  I kept on admiring it and still am.  I did, however, had my son watch this video on using stencil vinyl and transfer tape before we did anything.  

I googled owls and found this free clip art of an owl.  After saving the image, I used the trace function in Silhouette Studio so I can cut the image on stencil vinyl.  This video from CleverSomeday is great for learning more about tracing.  She has a series of awesome videos on tracing.  Anyway, I did cut this image out on cardstock first to decide on size and placement.  Even though my placement is a little off here but not noticeable when he worn it.  It took some time to weed everything out and also, deciding what to weed out.  We had to refer the image constantly.  It took some time but it is well worth it on both the cardstock and the stencil vinyl.  Once everything was weeded out and I used transfer tape to lift the stencil off and place it on the t-shirt.  I did help him quite a bit with the weeding but he was happy to do the rest.  Then I gave my son the sponge to dab on black fabric paint.  It went pretty quickly from there on.  I did have the fan on it to dry it a little faster, but it did not take long at all for it to dry.  I was actually looking for shirts like this for him, since I know how much he loves nature shirts, especially with owls and birds of prey.  I absolutely love the design that he picked out.  It looks so awesome!  Yes, proud Mama here.     
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