Monday, February 4, 2013

Project:First Year -'Twas the night before...

I want to create a scrapbook of their first year for each of my boys.  I decided that I should at the very least, make a scrap page or two each birthday.  Now I can not procastinate anymore.  I finally pull out the tin filled with their things and I found some pictures too.  If you ever want a shot at your self-image, try staring at your 9 months pregnant face and body for a couple of hours or so.  I'm not photogenic to begin with, so this is definitely not helping matters.  My husband would always say something like this to me, "You're pregnant. That's how you're supposed to look."  That's why I love him so much.  I decided to spare you all.
This is the second time I have ever scrapbook anything, so it is a learning process for me.  Anyway, when I saw these photos, I knew I had to include them in my son's scrapbook.  I'm definitely not a poet but I had to write this when I saw these photos and remember the time they were taken.  I used to enjoy writing poems when I was younger.  I even remember waking up in the middle of the night to write one.  Somehow, I gave that up or forgot about it.  I know the poem is corny but it is me and something especially for my son.  I hope he appreciates its goofiness and also, my profound love for him.  My husband loves the baby bump arrow I put in there.  He said, "Good thing, you put that in there".  I responded with, "I didn't people to think that I really let myself go after we got married."  Well, not that much anyway.  :-) Ha, ha!  

Below are pictures of how I printed my poem on a piece of pattern paper.  I wrote on the printer paper before I printed anything so I knew how to feed it through my printer later.  I printed it out on printer paper first and drew lines to make sure it will fit my pattern paper.  It also helps with aligning the paper for printing on the pattern paper.  I temporary adhered the pattern paper right over the printed paper before passing it through my printer again.  It worked perfectly.  I saw this technique on one of the scrapbooking videos at Two Peas in a Bucket site.  Love that site sooo much and their goodies.  

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