Monday, January 21, 2013

Ink Pads Galore

I got a lot of ink pads over the years and I tend to use the same ones.  At first, I was inking up this car and stamping a rainbow of them for my 7 year old to use.  I finally decided to see how well all the ink pads work with a clear stamp.  I decided to label all the colors and catalog the inks together based on whether they are pigment or dye-based ink.  Here are two tips for using clear (acrylic) stamps with dye-based ink:
   1. Try sanding the stamp image with a sand block before using it the first time.  It does not damage the stamp.  The stamp seem to take up the ink better for me when I do this.  
2.  I have also stamp in Versamark watermark ink pad before inking in a dye-based ink pad to help the ink adhere to the stamp more for a crisper image.  I have done this with matching color Brilliance Ink before inking up in a Marvy Matchables ink pad.   
I was surprised how well the Memories and Close to My Heart ink pads ink up a clear stamp above.  I will use them more now.  

The Memories for Hero Arts Shadow Stamps ink is still not my favorite in terms of how blotchy they look.  Maybe they improved since I got these, which was a while ago.  They are now known as Hero Arts Shadow Ink not Hero Hues as I thought.  Oh well, my bad, I'm still catching up on the paper crafting world.  The ink without "soft" in its name are Memories Ink and you can see how crisp the car came out and this car stamp was not sanded at all.  I know some people love the Shadow Ink but I still like crisp images right away.  It does even out so I will use  them for soft background as they were intended for originally.  
The Marvy Matchables above and below, were used with a clear owl stamp, and they did fairly well  but was a little blotchy.  This owl was sand down before use so it would be worse without that step.  Anyway, I still went ahead with stamping all the colors since I like being able to see all the colors I have.  This is great when I am matching them to paper.  I find myself using this quite a bit now when selecting a color to match my designs. 
Owls stamped in Brilliance ink is shown below.
I love Brilliance ink!  I have a lot of pearlescent colors and love how they shimmer.  They work well with the clear stamps since they are pigment inks.  I also stamped on black paper to show what the metallics look like.  I have another sheet with Colorbox and Encore! inked images for my ink pad catalog. 
Everything was placed in protector sheets and then into a folder.  I like everything in one place.  Now I reach for this before I go get my ink pads.  It saves me some time too.

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