Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fiskars Fuse

I got a Fiskars Fuse for Christmas, and have used it every now and then, mainly due to the fact that I do not have a lot of dies or embossing folders.  I like the ones that I have picked up and used them quite a bit.  I don't have a lot of experience with die-cutting machines but I've used the Big Shot a few times to know the gist of it.  I love the embossed look and having a die-cut machine is nice for cutting intricate designs.  It does save on time.  I like having the adapter set to be able to use other dies and embossing folder other than Fiskars.  I consider it a "must-have" since there are a lot more dies out there that are not Fiskars brand.  Hopefully, Fiskar will start making more dies and embossing folders.  I chose the Fiskar Fuse mainly because of the size and the fact that it folds up nicely.  I want to be able to use big dies if I want to for 12x12 paper.  And though, I rarely ever fold it up, it is a nice feature if I should travel with it.  It works just like the Big Shot and I would say that they are comparable.  I do like that the Big Shot came with all the plates attached together but once you have the adapter set it doesn't make much of a difference.      
I know that all die cut machine does vary a little in pressure when feeding a sandwich through.  I noticed that when I follow the recipe that Fiskar provided, it creates a crease from the edge of the folder.  This is from a Cuttlebug's embossing folder.  I used a little notepad that I had instead of the adapter pads to create the right thickness to alleviate the pressure.  I placed the cutting plate on top as usual and feed it through.    

You do not see the crease but I feel I should play around with it more to create a solution that is more definitive than a notepad of similar thickness.  It could be as simple as that and for now it works for me.  I will post if I find some other way.  Below is another example of using different embossing folders from the same Cuttlebug embossing folder set (With Love).  I was experimenting a little to get them on paper without flattening the other embossed images.  It works pretty well so far but if I want the dotted lines to be closer to the flowers, I will have to cut most of the plastic off the folder.  Regardless, it is a pretty set!

Below are images of what the cutting plate looks like after some usage.  There are deep impressions from cuts and also, the plate curved a little but it works fine and does not change the quality of the product.  Even though I like things looking brand new, I know it is just the nature of the beast.  Overall, I like the Fiskar Fuse and what it can do.  I have been looking into die-cut machines for a long time and obsessed over which one to get.  Since I do quilt and want to scrap book, I want to be able to make big cuts and the Fiskar Fuse offers that for a good price.  Also, the fact that it folds up is a great feature for me.

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